EcoSmart utilizes the most energy efficient technology available. EcoSmart exit signs are designed to comply with NFFPA 101 Life Safety luminosity levels for a minimum of 10 years.

Light emitting capacitor (LEC) technology is comprised of a continuous layer of millions of microscopic encapsulated zinc sulfide photon emitting crystals. When these crystals are excited by an alternating electric current (AC), there is a continuous flow of luminosity. No heat or ultraviolet radiation is produced creating a solid state, direct source of light. LEC technology has been used in military and other commercial applications for more than 30 years.

LEC has also been selected as “best practices” in the ASHRAE newly released Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG). Per section EL22 Electroluminescent Signage (LEC), lines 5539-5545:

“…it is not unusual to have over a thousand EXIT signs meaning a savings of 70,080 kilowatt-hours per year over incandescent and 7,008 kilowatt-hours per year over LED signs. At roughly the same initial cost as an LED sign, LEC has an instant economic payback. Because it has no lamp strings and no waste heat, LEC signs can easily achieve extremely long lives.”

- Advanced Energy Design Guide 2012

Some of the benefits of EcoSmart LEC technology are: