EcoSmart’s luminosity meets or exceeds UL924, NFPA 101 Life Safety, NEC and OSHA codes and standards in the USA and Canada. The compliant green letters are certified by ISO and provide the greatest visiablity in darkness, smoke and fog.

Proprietary Battery Testing Technology (Patent Pending)
Battery backup signs come in two options: manual battery testing or a self-test feature. Both options comply with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code: 30 second test every month and a 90 minute test annually.

Battery Backup Manual Testing
Simply touch the battery test button and either a monthly or annual test will be performed.

Battery Backup – Self-Test Feature
No need to test the sign or shut down power eliminating the need to manually test the sign or have a man on the ladder. If desired, there is a manual test override capability.

LED Droop
Many architects, engineers and building maintenance professionals agree that some LED exit signs have developed “LED droop.” This occurs when one or more bulbs in the LED strip fail and luminosity drops below safety codes. Over time, this sign becomes non-compliant. Since EcoSmart technology does not require bulbs, there is no chance of burn-out. Download or Read Article Here

Luminance Comparison at 100 FEET

Compliance – Battery Backup